Sunday, September 04, 2005

Penis "traction" devices: how they work

The traction device category of penis enlargement has been the focus of more and more publicity recently, leading some
to wonder if this is a new, untested idea. The truth is, the traction technique has its roots in ancient tribal customs, cultural
and spiritual practices and even modern-day medical methods for rebuilding tissue in surgical patients. The idea has been around
for centuries. What's new is the availability of safe, effective, medically developed devices for home use -- and now the idea
behind them is well-tested and documented, with a long history of dramatic results.

Most people are familiar with some of the more extreme examples of traction, such as the use by African tribal peoples and
Amazonian indigenous tribes of lip disks, ear disks or neck rings to stretch these body parts to almost unbelievable size or
length. Think National Geographic or the Discovery channel: you've surely seen photos of the amazing enlargement capability of
the human body. Many native people have used traction to increase the size of the penis, too: the Sadhus holy men of India,
Peruvian Cholomecs and Papua Indians of New Guinea who ritually employ penis stretching to lengths of up to 22 inches! There
are numerous other cultural examples of this type of penis elongation.

Today, traction is the medical term for carefully calibrated, continuous pressure applied to help with healing after
surgery, injury, trauma or burns. Simply put, it means stressing tissues by stretching, and then allowing the body to rebuild
itself naturally. Examples are mastectomy patients, who require expansion of the skin and muscle in the chest prior to
reconstructive surgery; penis enlargement surgery patients, who employ traction to help heal, strengthen and straighten the
penis; and burn patients, who can create their own skin grafts by means of traction which "stretches" or enlarges an area of
tissue prior to transplant.

The stretching opens up spaces between cells, and triggers a growth or healing response in the body, in which adjacent cells
begin to divide and fill in the space. With continued use, the growth can number in the millions of new cells, significantly
adding size and tissue to the area.

That, essentially, is the idea behind traction devices for penis enlargement. In one popular and well-documented device --
designed by a urologist and created by a medical company in Denmark -- traction is applied by means of adjustable, calibrated
bars between an anatomically curved base that fits comfortably at the root of the penis, and a surgical-grade band that slips of
the glans (head) of the penis. As the penis lengthens, the traction and distance can be adjusted. This device is meant to be
discreetly worn under the clothes and/or during sleep. Marketed under the name ProExtenderâ„¢, the device can be obtained from
your medical practitioner or online at

Penis enlargement traction devices do work. Medical studies and many medical applications of the traction device show that
real, permanent growth can occur in both length and girth, measurable in inches. These devices are far from being a "quick
fix," however; the device must be used properly (full instructions should accompany any device you're considering purchasing) and
over a period of time to give the body ample opportunity to grow and build new tissue. Advertisements that tout "instant" gains
or "miracle" overnight growth are unrealistic and unreliable, and very likely, unsafe.

Obviously, men who are interested in gaining penis size should also be mindful of their overall health and safety. The choice
of a medically developed device is highly recommended, and strict adherence to instructions is a must. Any questions or concerns
should be directed to your medical practitioner. Ultimately, the success of the traction device depends on the user's
conscientious and dedicated use of the program as directed. With the proper commitment, genuine penis enlargement can be yours.
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