Sunday, January 28, 2007

Euro Extender Cures Peyronie's

While the exact causes of Peyronie's disease remain unknown, the disease is characterized by a plaque, or hard lump, that forms on the penis. It begins as a localized inflammation and can develop into a hardened scar. Symptoms may develop slowly or appear overnight. In severe cases, the hardened plaque reduces flexibility, causing pain and forcing the penis to bend or arc during erection, making sexual intercourse difficult.

Many therapies, including high doses of vitamin E therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and the oral application of para-aminobenzoate, have had inconclusive success with treating the disease.

Our Extender is the only proven method (other than expensive surgery) to cure peyronies disease. It serves as a brace, and will straighten the penis at the same time as enlarging it.

The Euro Extender has been tested and proven to be able to cure peyronies plus lengthen your penis.


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