Monday, September 26, 2005

Peyronie's Disease

What is Peyronie's Disease

What exactly is Peyronie's Disease. Well Peyronie's Disease is a disorder where the penis when hard and erect is crooked. The penis looks normal when limp, but when it is erect, it can bend off to the left, right, point to the sky or become erect only halfway of its length. This can make it extemely painful, difficult and even impossible for a man to penetrate his lover's vagina. More than half the men with Peyronie's Disease have enough trouble making love to their partner that it qualifies as a genuine sexual dysfunction. The majority all find it terribly distressing, even devastating.

This unusual, localized deformity is caused by patches of scarring, or fibrous plaque, on or around the spongy shafts, also known as the corpora cavernosa, inside the penis that fill with blood when having an erection. Imagine a balloon that has masking tape down one side and blowing it up, the balloon will expand on the other sides to the masking tape. If the plaque or scarring is on the top of the penis shaft, the erection will pull back towards the belly, if it is on the left, then the penis will pull towards the left, and so on.

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