Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Free Penis Enlargement Exercise 1

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1. very important is to make sure you warm up.

2. pc flexes throughout the day are a good idea it helps maintain an erection i had erections problems b4 but now they are getting better.

3. workout 20-40min do not kill yourself on your workouts. dont overtrain some people do that that is why they see no results. always take days off. its like when u lift weights u can bench heavy everyday it wouldnt work got me?

4. dont give up it takes times.

5. good worout is warm up stretch 12min. 200-300 reps of jelg. the ferrari trio 10 reps of each. workout doesnt take that long once u get use to it trst me and i got thicker using it my workout is only 25min i would say. still working on length but i got abou a fourth in thicker about a half in just a couple of weeks.

6. eat there foods apples...makes your semen taste sweeter real fact. oatmeal anything with oats is good for your penis. chicken..release testimone in your blood stream helps erections a lot..everynight b4 u go to sleep drink a tall glass of water really helps with sex stamina and erections also a proven facts and works for me.

7.keep masturbation down its hard to but i try lol.
someone posted this else where but if u workout in all flaccid state you get betetr results i just tried that and im on it it has been keeping my penis staying thick and longer this past week and a half. i swtched my routines i do two days on and one off. its best if u are going to work out the same part but do it with a different exercise. just like when u curl u do it one way one day and the next time you want to do it another. this helps technique and results and trust my penis has gotte a lot stronger.

well thats about it if anything comes to mind ill post it up but hey penis enlargement pills will help gains thats why i wanna be in the hunt lol good luck everyone and try my tips please they really do work this is not just a post trust me if u have success please reply and tell everyone and spread the word like i did good luck everyone and good luck myself lol.

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