Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Euro Extender SE

The Euro Extender SE has recently been revised to include more premium spare parts than ever before. Packaged in the same deluxe case as the Euro Extender Gold, this extender guarantees supreme comfort and results, along with the market's lowest price.

Type: Euro Extender SE
Price: $275 USD
Shipping: FREE
Available in Mini: YES
Max Stretched Length: 12 inches flaccid


  • Luxury Velvet-lined Mahogany Storage Kit

  • Fully assembled Special Edition Euro Extender

  • Assembly elongation rods

  • 5 Sets of variable length metal rods

  • 4 Brand new "Super Comfort Straps"

  • 6 Comfort Padding

  • Instruction Booklet

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • 6 month Satisfaction Guarantee


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