Saturday, December 31, 2005

Does Size Matter

Size and performance: Women speak out
When my editor asked me to write an article about how women feel about penis size, my immediate smart-aleck response was that the assignment would be done in just four words: the bigger the better. Realistically, though, that’s just not good journalism – for one thing, it’s my own biased opinion, and for another, even with a lot of personal experience, I probably haven’t sampled a large enough segment of the male population to consider myself an expert.

I decided to conduct a panel discussion with a group of women, and get opinions and thoughts right from the source. While my research did unearth some surprises, for instance, that there are women for whom size truly doesn’t matter, I found my thesis mostly validated. However, the comments revealed that this is a more complex issue than the usual big vs. small debate.

Ten women were invited to participate. I explained that they would have to be completely honest and detailed, perhaps even graphic, with their comments, but their privacy would be 100% protected. With these ground rules established, seven of the women agreed to “tell all” and take part in the article. Our participants were:

Iliana, 25
Meghann, 34
Elaine, 50
Sue, 48
Cecilia, 28
Caryn, 31
Jessica, 22

The transcript of the discussion follows:

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