Friday, October 28, 2005

Penis Exercise, Straightening a curved penis

Many men become unhappy when they have a curve in their penis. In 99% of these cases there is nothing to worry about. A curve can actually get to other places that a straight penis can not reach. There is a disease called "Peyronie's disease" which can cause a bend in the penis. It is quite easy to spot because a build of plaque will form around the penis base. This section just deals with straightening a general curve in the penis. We only add exercises that work and have been tested.

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The curved jelq exercise is usually done by the more experienced users but can be done by anyone. As per usual lubrication is needed for this exercise. This exercise comes with demonstration videos and a set of pictures to make sure you do the exercises 100% accurate. If you require a custom workout plan then please use the free consultation.

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