Friday, January 06, 2006

Extender Basics

How do penis traction devices work?

Penis traction devices are coming into popularity as of late, and with all the ‘new’ attention, some people wonder if this idea is brand new and untested.

In fact the technique of using traction first took root in ancient tribal customs, and the spiritual and cultural practices of indigenous peoples. Now even our modern medical community is using this method for rebuilding tissue in surgical patients. The idea is centuries-old. What is new is the development and creation of safe, effective, medically approved devices that can be used at home. These are now well-tested and well-documented, and have a history of producing results.

Most of us are familiar with the more extreme examples of what traction can do, like the practice of using neck rings (native Thai peoples), and the ear and lip disks worn by various tribes in South America. These native peoples have been known to use these principles (stretching the human body) to enlarge various body parts to unbelievable sizes.

You may actually have seen this type of thing on National Geographic Explorer, or the Discovery Channel; native cultures like the Sadhus of India, the Peruvian Cholomecs, or the Papua Indians of New Guinea all are said to have used penis stretching to achieve lengths of over a foot and a half! There are many examples of indigenous peoples having used these techniques to achieve penis elongation.

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