Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tissue Expansion

A medical revolution

Tissue expansion is a revolutionary technique for human body modification, and has both a medical history over a century. In recent (recorded) history, a medical practitioner Codvilla first used expansion for medical purposes in 1905 in an attempt to lengthen a femur. This experiment was followed up later in the century when the medical practitioner, Neuman expanded skin using an inflatable balloon in 1957. Many successful experiments followed, resulting in a body of medical knowledge and the invention of new traction techniques.

Human tissue expansion has totally revolutionized plastic surgery during the past 30 years. Expanders and guided tissue growth have now been successfully used to enlarge many areas of the body, from bone to muscle and everything in between.

Tissue expansion is now used to reconstruct breast tissue. Placed under the muscles of the chest (pectoralis major), expansion is now a common procedure for breast reconstruction after surgical removal of breast tissue due to cancer (mastectomy). This allows a ‘filling in' of the missing tissue, and a return to a more natural appearance, rather than using prosthetics.

Burn patients have also seen fabulous recoveries through treatment with a tissue expander to increase available skin, rebuilding their appearance without the massive scarring that typically results from such injuries. In short, tissue expansion has revolutionized reconstructive surgery.

Now tissue expanders of a different kind are being used in Europe and in North America to safely and successfully increase penis length.

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