Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Penis Pill Basics

How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?
Natural penis enlargement pills are composed of combinations of herbs and other compounds designed to increase erections when taken for an extended period of time - a three month cycle is usually recommended.

The penis pill originated from the "love herbs" and other creations that were popular during the 1970s and 1980s. The penis pill consists of herbal supplements and/or chemical compounds that act as stimulants which increase blood circulation and enlarge the erectile tissues within the penis. This results in longer, firmer erections.

For example, clinical studies of a substance called Yohimbe (from the bark of an African tree) have shown it to increase sexual arousal in rats. Unfortunately, when used by humans, it can have nasty side effects including sweats, hyper nervous stimulation, and is suspected of triggering heart attacks.

Men who are interested in Yohimbe should look to safer herbs that have similar effects, such as the South American combination of Catuaba and Muira Puama (another pair of sexual stimulants), or Ginkgo Biloba (used for over 4000 years, and the subject of over 300 modern medical studies).

For more information on specific ingredients found in penis enhancement pills and what they do for the body, read the Ingredients listing page our site.

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