Thursday, January 12, 2006

Extender Faq's

FAQ: Penis enlargement devices
What is the penis "traction" device?

These are medically designed devices designed to apply continuous pressure, or stretching force, known as "traction," to the penis for length and girth enlargement. One of the most popular and effective models available today is was designed by a urologist and created by a medical company in Denmark. It applies penile traction by means of adjustable, calibrated bars between an anatomically curved base that fits comfortably at the base of the penis, and a surgical-grade silicone band that slips of the glans (head) of the penis. Penile traction pressure can be adjusted as the penis lengthens, or for comfort. This device is meant to be discreetly worn under the clothes and/or during sleep. Marketed under two names; ProExtender and Andro Extender, these devices can be obtained online (our direct suggestion would be ).

How does a penis traction device work?

The penis traction device simply fits onto either end of the penis and creates a gentle expansion pressure. This expansion safely applies a calibrated, continuous pressure by means of a system of expandable bars. This stretching opens up spaces between penile cells, and triggers a growth - healing response in the body, in which adjacent cells begin to divide and fill in the space. With continued use, the growth can number in the millions of new cells, significantly adding size and tissue to the pressured area.

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