Thursday, January 26, 2006

Penis Pill Ingredients

Ingredients Listing
There are a number of ingredients that make penis enhancement pills effective. Some of the more important of these ingredients are listed here, along with their historical medical uses. A focus is placed on Ginseng, as it is one of the most prominent ingredients, but others are also listed.

Asian Ginseng Root (Panax)
Herb used for at least 2000 years to improve libido, counter impotence, relieve stress, improve stamina, regulate blood pressure, and enhance immunity. Other uses are listed here (not a complete list, as there are other things it is effective in treating).

Erections and libido

Ginseng extracts have been medically proven to improve sperm production in men and are now thought useful in treating impotence. The active compounds, known as ginsenosides, are believed by the medical community to increase libido by depressing prolactin levels in the blood.

In a study done in Korea (1995), 90 men with erection problems of some kind were given one of three treatments - an anti-depressant, a placebo, or ginseng. The placebo and anti-depressant groups actually showed 30% improvement, but the group taking ginseng improved about 60 % on average.

Cardiovascular health

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